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Assessment of the potential impact of projects under the co-funded call

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About four years have been passed since the projects of the first SusCrop (co-funded) call have started in spring 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic affected the smooth implementation of all projects. However, with an extension of the ERA-NET Cofund by the European Commission, project periods could also be extended, enabling research consortia to achieve their desired outputs and outcomes.

Based on their final reports, an independent team of experts analysed the outcomes and potential impact of the co-funded projects. The 13 projects impress with high academic impact, technological advances and tangible valorisation activities including a variety of stakeholders and transdisciplinary approaches.


Read more about the projects’ successful research on sustainable crop production as for instance

  • breeding for sustainable crop production with outputs including new breeding techniques, identification of markers and specific genes controlling phenotypic traits, and pre-breeding and delivery of commercially viable varieties.
  • new methods and practices for integrated pest and crop management in response to diseases, pests, weeds and abiotic stresses and improvement of nutrient use efficiency.
  • employing other approaches including tillage, variety choice, and studies of soil microbe interactions including mutualistic symbioses.

Find out more on the individual projects of the SusCrop co-funded call:

You can download the report here: [PDF, 465.83 KB, not barrierefree]