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ERA-Net SusCrop video contest - Winners

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©nat693 –

The contest was divided into 4 categories. Per category, videos were scored based on the following criteria: creativity and originality (score 1 to 10), ability to communicate scientific concepts to divers audiences (score 1 to 5) and level of engagement of the applicant(s) (score 1 to 5). In this way, the SusCrop evaluation committee obtained a ranking list and determined the 12 winners across the 4 categories.

Please find below the outcome of the contest, including a short review per video.

1st place: Just Make a Change by Thanyanop Manmool (Thailand)

In his very smart video, Thanyanop Manmool provides a lot of aspects and necessities that we need for sustainable agriculture.

2nd place: The Show – Think about sustainable agriculture by Johannes Moessler (Austria)

In this very amusing video ‘The Show’, Johannes Moessler plays the host in his own talkshow. He manage to display the subject in a fun and educational way, understandable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

3rd place: The Future of Agriculture by Veronika Neumeister (Austria)

Veronica Neumeister's highly appealing video reminds us that agriculture can be beneficial for biodiversity and environment, instead of being harmful, if designed and performed in a thoughtful and collective way.

1st place: Smart Plants for a Sustainable Agriculture by Agatha Alexandra Walla (Germany)

In a very professional way Agatha Alexandra Walla wonderfully explains how plant research can make tremendous impacts for crop production. She provides a very clear picture on why perennials will likely contribute to sustainable agriculture in the future.

2nd place: Sustainability: The backbone of Crop production by Chanjoh Rexson Ngong (Cameroon)

Chanjoh Rexson Ngong brings a serious, well produced, 360 degree view from Cameroon with sound advice for addressing future challenges about sustainable crop production. A thought-provoking, intelligent video

3rd place: Sustainable Gardening for a Greener Future by Stefanie Buchroither (Germany)

Stefanie Buchroither makes the viewer in her beautiful and vivid short film feel and understand that an environmentally friendly vegetable garden can be a source of joy, harmony and, last but not least, delicious food for people and animals.

1st place: Our Way of sustainable apple production by Monika Bio-Obsthof (Germany)

This is a very convincing video that shows the personal experience of Monika Rönn, who grows organic apples. She explains very well the challenges and how they are dealing with them, including the testing of 30! different varieties.

2nd place: The power of fermented herbs by Georg Gruber (Austria)

Georg Gruber brings in a clear and comprehensible way what sustainable crop production means to him as a farmer. For example, by reusing natural components he fertilizes in an original and sustainable way his field and crops.

1st place: Making a happy vegetable garden by Vu Thi Phuong Uyen (Vietnam)

Vu Thi Phuong Uyen's encouraging and animating, joyful and lively short film convincingly shows that environmentally friendly urban gardening can be very fulfilling and enriching for people while providing healthy food

2nd place: Farming with Nature by Maria Perlado (Spain)

The video of Maria Perlado gives a very nice overview of the challenges that agriculture is currently facing and how organic agriculture can respond to these challenges. The explanations are clear and simple and the visuals are engaging with the combination of colour and black and white.

3rd place: A fox on a mission by Lien Hoof (Belgium)

This extremely entertaining video by Lien Hoof focusses on the mind set of people and how they should (most probably will need to) change their basic lifestyles and habits, in particular, regarding production and consumption of food as well as for saving natural resources .

3rd place: Saline Solution by Sudip Maiti (India)

Sudip Maiti presents the real-life daily challenges from climate change facing citizens in South Asia and how salt-tolerant paddy production offers a vital food solution. An inspiring and uplifting video.