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Second transnational Call for research projects

Aim of the 2nd transnational Call

Following the Co-funded Call in 2018 (first call), the aim of this second call is to support scientifically excellent transnational research, development and innovation projects that contribute to the improvement of sustainability (environmental, economic and societal) and resilience of crop production.

The Call is intended to fund projects for a maximum of three years according to national regulations. In contrast to the first Call, the second Call is not co-funded by the EC.


In a two-phase submission process 46 eligible pre-proposals were peer reviewed and ranked by a panel of international experts. Based on the ranking and the available national/regional funding, 16 research consortia were invited to submit a full proposal. After peer review and ranking of the full proposals by the same evaluation panel, the Call Steering Committee recommended 8 consortia for funding within the limits of available national/regional funding.

You can download the Call Documents of the 2nd SusCrop Call here:

Please find more details of these research projects in the individual sections (on the right side of the screen). 

IDProject titleProject acronymCoordinatorCountries involved (Coordinator in bold)
69 Improved bio-inocula and living mulching technologies for integrated management of horticultural crops BioHortiTech Research Institute of Horticulture PL, UK, DE, FR, ES
56 Target-specific RNA-based bioprotectants for sustainable crop production in a changing climate BioProtect Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) FR, FI, DE
66 Barley Responses and Adaptation to Changing Environments BRACE Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg DE, FI, EE, TR, MA
27 Fortifying and Enhancing Resilience in C4 Crops for Current and Future Climate Change Adversities C4FUTURE Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) BE, DE, TR, DK, IT, FR
35 Improved nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture by CATCH crops as producers of Biological Nitrification Inhibitors CATCH-BNI Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, University of Liège BE, UK, DE, ES
44 Eco-friendly solutions for the integrated management of late and early blight of potatoes ECOSOL The James Hutton Institute UK, DE, EE, DK, FI

Predicting and tuning seasonal responses of apple and peach to improve orchard yield and climate change resilience

21 Development of novel breeding technology for improved root system, drought tolerance and sustainable plant productions RootsPlus Eigen Vermogen of Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (EV ILVO) BE, DK, DE, PL, RO