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2022 Joint Call (Fourth Call)

2021 Joint FACCE-JPI SusCrop Call on Agrobiodiversity

FACCE-JPI and the ERA-NET SusCrop, in the framework of the European Research Area, decided to join forces to put in place a Call for research projects addressing agrobiodiversity, with the purposes of providing practical and policy-relevant knowledge on how agrobiodiversity can improve resilience of agroecosystems. Projects selected under this Call will contribute to sustainable crop production, particularly agro-diversification strategies tailored to different European agricultural systems, and especially targeting landscapes and cropping systems with low and/or moderate agro-biodiversity, higher negative impact on agrobiodiversity, or most at risk due to low resilience.

The Call is intended to fund projects for a maximum of three years according to national regulations.

The Call brings together a Call Steering Committee of 18 funding organisations from 16 different countries.

The evaluation and selection procedures are now concluded. In total, 8 projects have been selected from 48 full proposals submitted in response to the Call. The selection of the proposed research projects is based on an international peer review procedure and on available national/regional funding.

You can download the Call Documents of the 2022 Joint Call here:

More details of the research projects are available in the table below.

IDProject titleProject acronymCoordinatorCountries involved (Coordinator in bold)
49 Connections in the landscape. Role of landscape complexity in agroecosystem sustainability. AgroBioConnect The National Institute of Horticultural Research PL, IT, UK, FI, DK, SE
64 Microbiome and genomic analysis in apple germplasm towards broadening genetic resources to breed for resilient varieties AppleBIOME Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) ES, IT, FR, PL, BE
34 Collaborative Landscape planning for Enhanced Agrobiodiversity and Resilience CLEAR Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) DE, FR, UK, PL
59 Understanding and quantifying the contribution of genetic components to the diversity of grapevine environmental response DIVERGRAPE Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) ES, FR, AT
93 Improving agrobiodiversity for resilient pest control services across landscapes IMPRESS Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SE, DE, IT, AT, LT
69 Mining allelic diversity of maize landraces for tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress MineLandDiv Institut National de Recherche Agronomique et de l'Environnement (INRAE) FR, IT, BE, TR, ES

Recovering and Exploiting Old and New Barley Diversity for Future-Ready Agriculture

RecoBar Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) ES, FI, TR, IT, PL
39 Identification and sustainable deployment of wheat genetic diversity to enhance the resilience and security of the European food supply WheatSecurity University College Dublin IE, FR, IT, ES, UK, DK